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It is a common suggestion or recommendation from some vapers to people doing their research to “just get it all overseas”.

Is that really the advice you should be considering or the blind leading the blind?

Here are a few factors to take into consideration….

Yes! Genuine JoyeTech Starter Kits are made in China.

In fact the eCigarette was invented in China.

Genuine Joye Starter Kits are regarded as the highest quality eCigarette Starter Kits in the world today. They are copied by every other manufacturer in China with clones and copies being sold all over the world.

There is nothing wrong with an eCigarette because it was made in China.

If they are the same thing then why can I get it cheaper in China?

Thing is you can not. You need to look at a real world comparison.

Shipping Costs and Timeframes

China = $17USD Minimum with an 8-14 day delivery time


Vapebar = $7.50 FlatRate with a 1-2 day delivery.

Currency Conversion

Chinese/US websites will charge in $USD , once you factor a $0.02 - $0.04 Currency Conversion Fee, coupled with a foreign exchange fee the price difference (if any) evens itself out.

Cost of continuing to smoke

If you are researching eCigarettes, odds are you want an alternative to the nasty ones (we call them analogs). Order from China and you have at least a 7-10day increase in your wait time, that dreaded period from ordering something from a foreign Country to actually receiving it.

With Cigarettes in Australia now running at $20/packet and the average smoker being up for a packet a day…your wait time is potentially costing you $140-$200 more than if you could have it in your hands the next day after ordering it.

Potential Future Costs

Imagine this. Your kit arrives from China, it is missing a battery, a battery is not working or you have a catastrophic failure of your device for whatever reason. All of a sudden you are reaching back for those analogs. Good thing is, you purchased a Genuine JoyeTech Starter Kit so it is covered under warranty….oh thats right, China.

Australia Post will ship your kit back to China via Registered Post International (no tracking, requires signature. No listed or guaranteed timeframe, could be up to 14 business days) for the low price of only $20.50AUD.

Or you could ship it via the much faster 4-7 day Express Post International method for only $53.50AUD (less than 500gm)

The Chinese supplier will assess within 48 hours and replace where appropriate under warranty and even provide free China Post shipping back to you. The estimated shipping time frame for this cheapest method of shipping is……wait for it….21 Business Days.

Now see it from my point of view.

You have a battery fail. You call Vapebar, you return the failed/malfunctioned battery at a much cheaper cost and it is replaced and a new one shipped out to you. Let’s say a conservative 4 day turnaround. 4 days, not “40 day” process or if the planets align “20 day” process, but FOUR days.

I could spend hours ranting about potential future cost benefits of buying locally here in Australia, but if you have a basic look at the possibilities you will see it for yourself.

Some people appreciate after sales service, the ability to speak with someone on the phone or even just a speedy reply to email queries.

Check out our Vapebar Contact Us page and compare that with any other vendor that you may be looking at. I am quite serious about this, any other vendor.

Buying an eCig in the Country in which you live is like having car insurance. You might not have made a claim in 20 years of driving, but the one time you let it lapse you just happen to write it off.

Support a local business, keep your hard earned in Australia rather than in China’s back pocket (they already made enough from me when I bought all this stuff anyway).


Yes, I can hear it already from the Vapers in the crowd….”but you have to get your nicotine from China, just get it all at once and save on the shipping”

The risk is yours to balance. Yes you may feel that you need Nicotine and I can not help you with that. But think about the warranty and after sales service for a bit longer before making your final decision.

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